6 Reasons You’re *Still* Breaking Out (and What You Can Do About It)

6 Reasons You’re *Still* Breaking Out (and What You Can Do About It)

It’s a challenge I’ve struggled with for the past 10 years and it’s increasingly affecting middle aged women: adult female acne is on the rise. While there are various factors that contribute to why, a “silver bullet” treatment to eradicate adult female acne is, unfortunately, just wishful thinking. This is still shocking to me, given that an estimated 25 percent of all women over 30 suffer from the condition. We can get men and women to live on a space station, but we can’t figure out adult acne? How can that be?!

So why, suddenly, is acne affecting so many women? The causes of female acne are many and varied, and it’s usually difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of why or how acne develops after teen years, but here are six common culprits:

1. Hormonal changes

Breakouts on the bottom third of the face often indicate a hormonal shift.

2. Diet

A lack of proper nutrition (including overindulgence) and not enough hydration can cause acne outbreaks because your skin doesn’t have the nutrients it needs to thrive.

3. Stress

Often difficult to manage on a regular basis, stress can show up on your face, literally, manifesting in acne outbreaks.

4. Sleep

Lack of sleep plays a huge role in acne development. Without proper sleep, skin regeneration and healing can’t occur.

5. Heredity and skin type

Sadly, your skin might simply be congested and genetically prone to break outs.

6. Environmental concerns

Exposure to pollutants (including too much sun) also plays a role.

I know. This list is long, broad, and general, but there is good news in the fight against acne. Skincare experts are much more familiar with effective treatments, and the proper personalized treatment plan can successfully treat and minimize what’s often a painful, frustrating, and — let’s be truthful here — unsightly condition.

When talking about acne treatment, it’s that personalization that is so critical. Clients’ individual needs must be assessed, addressed, and monitored, and that’s exactly how Sarah and her team at Sarah Akram Skincare treat each client struggling with acne. Emilee Walters, a master esthetician who recently joined the Sarah Akram Skincare team, focuses on treating acne-prone skin, working with clients to understand their challenges and develop a long-term plan that is both manageable and results-driven.

Emilee understands the frustrations of dealing with acne because she struggles with it herself and knows that each client’s treatment plan is personal. Knowing how intimidating acne can be, Emilee creates a safe space for her clients to feel comfortable throughout their journey.

An initial consultation is the first step in addressing a client’s acne challenges. During the consultation, Emilee will perform a skin assessment and discuss lifestyle considerations, then create a three-part treatment comprising in-office treatments, lifestyle suggestions, and an at-home treatment plan. Some of the in-office treatments that Emilee might suggest include Microdermabrasion, extractions, LightStim LED Light Therapy, chemical peel/mask, or Hydrafacial.

Each part of this treatment plan plays an important role, and if a client decides to focus only on a portion of the plan, then, as one might expect, results are not as significant. As skincare needs evolve and change, Emilee will update the treatment regimen.

For me, this often means adding or removing treatments based on the condition of my skin. Sometimes I might need some extra extractions while other times I might need a more significant microdermabrasion session. I can say with certainty that fully committing to a treatment plan — the in-office esthetician treatments and the at-home treatment plan combined with lifestyle changes — has been crucial. This personalized approach to acne treatment has helped keep my acne in check and drive significant and noticeable results. While there wasn’t a magic bullet, this combination of changes has, thankfully, truly made a difference.

Acne is frustrating and painful, but its also treatable and manageable, by following a custom plan created for you by the experienced professionals at Sarah Akram Skincare.