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At Sarah Akram Skincare we take pride in using only the finest all-natural products for our clients to nourish and indulge the skin.

About Biologique Recherche Treatments

We utilize Biologique Recherché’s all-natural products alongside the unique face massage techniques that stimulate and prepare your face for deeper product absorption and more defined sculpting. Biologique Recherché is an iconic French skincare brand featuring custom solutions tailored to individuals’ skin types. No two complexions are the same, and Biologique Recherché’s formulations feature innovative blends of botanical extracts that nurture the skin.

Micro-Puncture Lab Facial

The Micro-Puncture Lab method is based on the skin’s capacity to regenerate itself when stimulated. Micro-perforations cause minor epidermal inflammation, activating a repair phase that rebuilds the “damaged” skin tissue. When micro-perforations occur, a release of growth factors stimulate fibroblast activity, which proceeds to produce collagen and elastin – essential to skin health. The end result: skin is refined, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, and cutaneous imperfections such as scars are minimized.

90 Minutes / $425
4 x 90 Minute Treatments / $1,530 (10% Off)

Booster Treatments

  • Le Soin Lissant

    Our Le Soin Lissant Facial is a uniquely hydrating treatment and facial massage that stimulates the skin’s natural defense system to maintain and nourish skin’s youth. The marriage of contouring sculpting movements and pulsing strokes, in combination with our concentrations of Biologique Recherché treatments, renews and unifies the skin. This all-encompassing, luxurious spa facial leaves skin visibly lifted, de-stressed, and looking radiant and youthful.

    60 Minute Single Treatment / $250
    90 Minute Double Booster / $375

  • Lift C.V.S.

    The spectacular results of the Lift C.V.S. treatment are achieved with the unique Biologique Recherché protocol of manual lifting, mechanical exfoliation, and serum infusion.  Thanks to unique vibrational movements and a gentle pinching technique performed around connective tissue, this manual Biologique Recherché facelift provides a mind-blowing reshaping of the facial structure.  Highly concentrated active ingredients purify and restore volume, even out color, and create a firm, flawless surface.

    60 Minute Single Treatment / $250
    90 Minute Double Booster / $375

  • Soin MC110 Restructurant

    This re-plumping treatment visibly and instantly improves the texture, tone and vitalization of your skin. A high concentration of active ingredients targets wrinkles and fine lines MC110 makes skin appear smoother, younger and redefined. 

    60 Minute Single Treatment / $250
    90 Minute Double Booster / $375

  • Soin Masque Exfoliant P50 Visage

    This smoothing, unifying booster is formulated to help prevent premature aging of the skin, work on hyper-pigmentation and brighten the complexion. An exfoliating and regenerating protocol that is perfect for keratinized skin and skin with an irregular micro-profile or texture. It evens out skin tone, leaving your face smooth and glowing.

    60 Minute Single Treatment / $250
    90 Minute Double Booster / $375

Put your best face forward. Healthy skin equals a more radiant, more confident you.

Cancellation Policy

We value our clients as well as our wonderful service providers and kindly request 24-hour notice for weekday cancellations and 48-hours for weekend cancellations. We reserve the right to charge for appointments not canceled. A credit card is required to reserve an appointment.