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Sarah's Auteur Kit - Refine

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Refine contours and reveal a smoother texture.

Address and improve skin texture including lines and wrinkles and refine skin’s surface with a combination of exfoliating and peptide-powered formulas.  The Definitive Exploration Set - Refine features Definitive Enzyme Cleanser, Definitive Optimising Mask, and Definitive Line Serum. 

Start your routine for smoother, brighter skin with Definitive Enzyme Cleanser. Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Vitamin C and Niacinamide designed to gently lift away pollution and bring skin to a completely clean state for the optimal absorption of targeted treatment products. The gentle yet transformative powder-to liquid format offers customizable exfoliation suitable for all skin types that refines skin’s surface, evening tone and revealing a more even texture that better reflects light. 

Accelerate cellular renewal while restoring hydration for a tighter appearance and more even finish with Definitive Optimising Mask. Use several times weekly to accelerate exfoliation and cellular turnover while reinforcing skin’s barrier functions and improving resilience. An encapsulated peptide complex targets skin neurons to effectively inhibit expression lines, revealing a smoother finish. Restore a hydrated feeling and a brighter, refreshed appearance. 

Target and prevent the further formation of lines and improve facial contours with Definitive Line Serum, a concentrated serum developed specifically to improve the appearance of wrinkles and smooth skin. When applied to clean, dry skin, photoactive ingredients bond with the top layer of the skin to offer a tighter and more refreshed appearance, reducing muscular microcontractions and assisting in the reduction of surface wrinkles. A sophisticated peptide complex and detoxifying antioxidants reach throughout the lower layers of the skin to address cellular damage and the root cause of wrinkle formations.

The combination of targeted peptide technology with consistent exfoliation restores a smoother, tighter and more contoured appearance to the skin with ongoing use. 

Made in Germany.

Included in the kit: 

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