From “Scared-y Cat” to Convert: My MicroNeedling Experience

From “Scared-y Cat” to Convert: My MicroNeedling Experience

When it comes to certain things, I’m what you might consider a “scared-y cat” – afraid of my own shadow, as my husband sometimes jokes. I have a few thoughts on why this is but perhaps they’re best saved for a different (and much longer) piece. As I hit middle-age, some of these fears seem to be intensifying. I’m horrible on a plane; my antics only mellowed slightly thanks to modern-day medicine (and vodka). At an amusement park, you’ll find me hanging out in the candy shop or sitting on a bench taking in some sun – I'll pass on just about every ride. I love grilling in the summer but when I’m home alone I’m petrified that turning on the grill will result in our house in flames. Oddly, one of the few things I’m not afraid of – much to my husband’s chagrin – is attending rock concerts by myself. I always tell him “don’t worry, I’ll make friends,” and his quick retort is, “that’s what I’m afraid of.” I’m aware and agree that many of my fears are somewhat irrational, but I think that even you, a savvy Stylebook reader, might wince when you hear your aesthetician say:
“OK, relax, I’m just going to run over your face with a few tiny needles. You won’t feel a thing!”
No, this isn’t a medieval torture device, it’s MicroNeedling: a skin care treatment now offered at Sarah Akram Skincare. MicroNeedling is a non-invasive skin care treatment that uses fine stainless -steel needles to create tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin. The needles are on a small roller that manually glides over areas of the face and neck. Among many other benefits, the microscopic punctures create open skin “channels” that increase skin’s permeability. This allows the multitude of anti-aging skin care products that we spend a fortune on to penetrate deeper, work more efficiently, and produce quicker results.

Typically, only about 12 percent of anti-aging products that we apply penetrate our skin successfully. Given the number of products many of us use, and the amount that we spend on these products, that’s pretty discouraging. After a MicroNeedling treatment that number jumps to 80 percent.

The skin’s natural healing process resulting from MicroNeedling also triggers the body to boost collagen and elastin production – two important proteins found in the skin that directly affect skin texture and elasticity. Increased production leads to improved skin firmness and reduction in pore size and acne scars. Fine lines are minimized and skin appears smoother and tighter.  Given that MicroNeedling specifically addresses sun damage, it’s the perfect treatment to combat some extra time spent in the sun this summer and prepare your skin for the fall and winter months. It’s also not too early to begin thinking about the holiday party season — what better accessory to compliment your holiday finest than radiant skin?

Since MicroNeedling is effective on all skin types and requires no downtime it’s routinely incorporated into different treatment regimens at Sarah Akram Skincare. Given my history of acne and enlarged pores and the development of some fine lines and wrinkles, MicroNeedling is now part of my regular treatment plan, too. Adiam performed my MicroNeedling, and after cleansing, exfoliating, and toning she MicroNeedled my dry, clean skin using short upward and diagonal strokes. She focused on one section of my face at a time, moving the roller gently over each area in a repetitive motion.

Given my long list of fears, and the added fact that this treatment is executed with multiple needles, I would have never expected this treatment to be painless — but it was.  I felt only a slight, steady tingle.  Somehow, the repetition of the roller movement combined with Adiam’s gentle hand actually made it a soothing and calming 10-minute experience.

I recently purchased an Environ MicroNeedling roller – Sarah Akram Skincare offers two models for purchase – to continue my MicroNeedling at home in-between professional treatments. There is a sturdy plastic model that lasts for about 18 months and a “24k” model which lasts for about five years. The “24k” model is a beautiful tool in a shade of muted gold. If you appreciate “pretty” on your vanity this is the version for you.

Given my fears you might be wondering if I even took the MicroNeedling roller out of box, and the good news is that I did! By the time this article runs in Stylebook I should be on my sixth week of MicroNeedling at home, and thus far it has been simple and painless. The first week I MicroNeedled one night, the second week two nights, and so on. I rolled my face and neck using short even strokes for about three minutes, and then applied my treatment and serums. I will work my way up to MicroNeedling just about every night, as this is the recommended schedule given the gentleness and effectiveness of the tool.

If you’re interested in enhancing your skincare regimen and boosting the effectiveness of your products and serums consider MicroNeedling at Sarah Akram Skincare. It’s a non-invasive and pain-free solution that drives results and can be easily maintained at home between treatments. Take it from this scared-y cat…it’s worth it.