Why It’s Never Too Late To Start Taking Care of Your Skin

Why It’s Never Too Late To Start Taking Care of Your Skin

If you’re anything like me, you look back 20 or 25 years (yikes, that makes me feel old!) and cringe when you think of how negligent you were with your skin. Baking in the sun, without sunscreen, to achieve a “sun-kissed glow” was the norm. I remember in my teens being so happy when my slight burn quickly turned into a deep tan! Trying to scrub my face with those awful alcohol-soaked pads and believing that overloading on strong astringent was the only way to stop blemishes became a daily routine.  There was so little known about skin health, the effects of the sun on skin, and the benefits of a preventative skin care regimen.

Fast forward a generation and skincare has grown to become an important part of whole-body health.  While we now know that sun protection is a must, protecting and sustaining the body’s largest organ goes well beyond daily sunscreen usage. Proper nutrition, stress management, and positive sleep habits — in conjunction with a skincare routine — are all key factors that lead to and sustain healthy skin. It took me some time to realize that these factors worked in concert, as I began a regular skin care routine later than I should have.  Small steps, though, have made a difference, and overtime have led to long term change. It’s never too late to begin a skin care routine that works for both your skin and lifestyle.

Sarah Akram Skincare offers a variety of skin care services and treatments that incorporate cutting-edge technologies to address skin challenges that many of us struggle with as we age. Fine lines, age spots, loss of skin elasticity, rosacea, and adult acne are just some of the skin issues that Sarah and her team treat. While the ideal of beginning the perfect skincare routine in our mid-20s might have been the goal, the reality is that many of us started addressing our skin issues much later in life. This doesn’t mean “all-is-lost” in terms of your skin health, it just means that you need a combination of the right people, plan, and products to get your skin health back on track.

Sarah and her team’s individual approach to skincare focuses on your current and long term skincare goals. New clients at Sarah Akram Skincare begin their first session with a skin consultation, led by a professional aesthetician, to better understand your skin’s challenges. Sarah and her team aren’t simply trying to sell you the latest and greatest skin treatment; they want to provide you with what your skin needs to thrive and age as gracefully, and naturally, as possible. They clearly explain their recommendations and let you make the decision on next steps based on your goals, budget, and schedule. As your skincare needs evolve and change, Sarah and her team update your treatment regimen to meet those needs.

Sarah’s team is growing, as both Gosia Hadid and Adiam Kahsai have joined the Sarah Akram Skincare family and are accepting new clients. Adiam, who hails from Sweden, focuses on a holistic approach to skincare that combines nutrition, environmental considerations, and scientific principles. She strives to make her clients feel comfortable and informed and focuses on crating results-driven skincare regimens.

Gosia, having grown up in Poland, moved to the United States to pursue a career in skincare after traveling the world in search of the newest and most effective skincare practices and products. Specializing in signature facials, she hones in on the needs of the client, tailors her treatments accordingly, and approaches skincare with a rare level of creativity that provides optimal results.
If it’s time to begin a skincare routine, or if you’re in a skincare rut and in need of a refresh, visiting Sarah and her team is a great place to start. Sarah, Gosia and Adiam will work with you to understand your skin care goals and recommend a long -term, results-oriented skin care plan. It’s never too late to start making small changes that lead to big results.

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